Bikes and other stuff.


The idea is: long range off-road bikes before 1974, the ones of ISDT, Italian Championship or from European Eastern countries.

But no hunting against strict conformity to the period model or the year of production.

For instance the last Italian Regolarita four stroke are welcome, as well as the Triumph or BSA (B50 MX, TR5T Adventurer, etc.).

Special like Frigerio, Cheney, Rickman, Wasp are more than welcome.

Even if they are brand new rebuilt.

To replace a 19’’ front wheel by a 21’’ one will not be punished : no judge neither scrutineer !

It is up to each one to state if the bike he launches match the spirit of the week-end.

But disc brakes or japanese carbs are not welcome as some rigid

frames, or magneto ignition engines will be there, don’t offense them !

These old two strokes are also welcome, but we trust on their riders to

take a great care of their fuel oil mix to avoid the smoke to spoil the

handsome landscape.

Greeves, Jawa, CZ and other Bultaco Matador will find their place here

while Ossa Explorer, Bultaco Alpina just as the first Yamaha DT1 or RT1

as well as the original Honda XL 250 would also be welcomed.

And why not a Penton ?

Trial irons are also accepted but i twill be advisable to adopt a longer

enough final ratio to avoid inappropriate hi-revs on the road sections

used in the course : 80 km/h seems to be the target !


About tyres, no matter about road or FIM homologation. Moto X tyres are allowed even if hard compound trial tyres (Pirelli) are probably more suitable for this kind of ride.

No noise control, but the course will start and finish in Beaune city and many villages will be crossed. Then a rather efficient silencer will be more than welcome, any attached lost of performance being not noticeable here.

It is suitable to have a fuel (and oil !) range of 100 km, taking in consideration than engine use will be largely less than during actual races..

But following cars will be able to carry fuel, oil and spares, supplied by entrants.

The time schedule features before Saturday dinner a span of about one hour to service 

the bikes, but as in ISDT, it will be done on

the hotel car park, with each one capacity.

However, external help is allowed en even






Riding gear


For the riding gear no particular requirements, the weather will obviously be fine and

the genuine oiled Barbour could be hard to wear.       

The organization will supply long sleeved sweat-shirts dedicated to the event : it will

be the ideal suit, without any mandatory rule to wear them, if one as other likes.

Anyhow open road will be used which means that  road homologated helmet are r

equired, as well as insurance for the bikes and riding license for the riders.


And if some ones choose to wear full face helmets, the organizer promises not to test

them by throwing stones…