July 2018, Saturday 21 and  Sunday 22

How a group of guys passionate with classic off-road bikes could use some exceptional play ground without share it with other passionate?

That is what we had done since 2012.

And in 2016 we had decided to leave the circle of friends to welcome collectors coming from several horizons.


Those who fancy long distance trials or regularity motorcycles just as the ones entered in the ISDT before 1974 don’t have many offers: retro-enduro events are actually the play ground for more recent models, from the period where the word “enduro” actually appeared in Europe, near 1973 (in USA see below !), whatever introduced well earlier on the other side of the pond...

We hope to gather in our Burgundy vineyards amateurs coming from many places in Europe.

Last year, the British bataillon was significant but we strongly hope it will be reinforced this year by our friends from Italy and probably also with those coming from Swiss, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.


We offer  two days of riding in the heart of the Burgundy wineyard, without any spirit of competition, for those who own any off-road bike launched before 1974, and able to be used on open roads.

But to maintain a real conviviality and allow a flow with a correct rhythm, the number of entrants will be limited to around 25 (twenty five) bikes.

Nothing prevent people to bring more than one bike, in case of breakdown or just to alternate their riding choice


Our hope is to gather the likes of the famous British bikes on which distinguished theirselves the Jeff Smith, Johnny Gilles, Ken Heanes or Malcom Rathmell.

But also the Italian regolaritas beloved by Alessandro Gritti, or Giancarlo d’Allara, or coming from Eastern Europe some MZ, CZ, Jawa, NSU or may be some Bavarian flat-twin…